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A Brief Introduction to Theresa McKenna

Theresa McKennaIn coaching, we will focus completely on you. But you may want to know something about me before we begin.

As a coach, I love what I do. In fact, I would go so far as to say that every experience, every circumstance of my life as led me to this place where I am doing exactly what I was created to do. Although I counseled for over fifteen years, and I believe in counseling, I was often frustrated to see how little people would change. I could see the transformational value of coaching because it focuses on the dream and not on the pain. Now, as an accredited ICF coach, I am even more convinced that coaching is one of the most powerful tools that people have to achieve success.

I spent a decade living and traveling extensively in Asia and Europe. Those years were essential to my understanding of the rich cultural diversity of our small planet alongside the natural ability, dreams and goals we all share.

After my return to the US, I spent several years as a small business owner. Every day brought the challenges of the market as well as the personal responsibility of an employer. I saw those demands often in conflict with the needs of my own family. I place a strong value on the ambitious yet ethical business practices that move the world to a better place. I also understand the potential conflicts that arise and the need we all have to resolve them.

Through the culmination of many events, I intuitively recognized that my life had turned to encompass a new and changing story. I felt drawn to work with culturally marginalized people, particularly single parents and their children, by helping them move from chaos to certainty. It was also the beginning of a time when a long undervalued (by me!) skill set began to emerge. I recognized my own ability to see the big picture, discern the critical elements, and communicate the syntheses. As a result, my work for many years included project development in the nonprofit sector leading teams of paid and volunteer staff through customized training and skill development to meet the agreed upon objectives.

Theresa has an amazing ability to make order out of chaos. Her questions and insights bring a sense of grounding and clarity that have helped me navigate some difficult places, both for myself as well as for my clients. I have deeply appreciated Theresa’s kind manner, which she unites together with a tenacity for growth. January 6, 2010  C.B. (Counselor)

I am a graduate of Coach University, and have a certification from International Coach Federation. I have a Masters in Applied Theology and am certified in Core Communication which includes a model for conflict resolution. I am also a Certified Blueprint for Life coach as well as a trainer for Coaching4Business Leaders. Many of my hours are also spent volunteering for causes and projects that relate to my core values. Many more are spent with my wonderful family which includes two beautiful, talented daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and two perfect grandchildren.

I place an incalculable value on every life. Every one of us has a purpose. I love being able to coach because I love walking along side those who not only want to understand that purpose but also those who recognize that there is a gap between where they are and where they want to be. And I would love working with you.