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A Brief Introduction to Theresa McKenna

Theresa McKenna

In coaching, we will focus completely on you. But you may want to know something about me before we begin.

As a Business and Executive Coach, I love what I do.   I didn’t start out in coaching. In fact, I have a broad range of business and entrepreneurial experience. I am also trained as a counselor and worked as a therapist for 15 years. I moved into coaching because I could see for myself that coaching is one of the most powerful tools clients have to move forward and achieve success. Nevertheless, as a Professional Certified Coach, my clients have the benefit of my psychology training. A few have told me that I have “deep water sonar” that allows me to identify small disconnects and elusive nuances that others do not hear.

My early career in the food industry in Chicago, Boston and New York allowed me to experience the challenges in corporate sales and manufacturing. I cut my teeth negotiating private label contracts and overseeing the creation of product that needed to be produced, delivered and consumed within one week. Lots of stress there!

I spent a decade living and traveling extensively in Asia and Europe. Those years were essential to my understanding of the rich cultural diversity of our small planet alongside the natural ability, dreams and goals we all share. It also gives me an opportunity to be particularly effective in coaching multi-cultural teams.

After returning to the US, I spent several years as a small business owner. Every day brought the challenges of the market as well as the personal responsibility of an employer. I saw those demands often in conflict with the needs of my own family. My best description of the potential conflicts I faced and I know my clients face, I define as “resume values” vs. “eulogy values. We all struggle with that!

Theresa has an amazing ability to make order out of chaos. Her questions and insights bring a sense of grounding and clarity that have helped me navigate some difficult places, both for myself as well as for my employees. I have deeply appreciated Theresa’s kind manner, which she unites together with tenacity for growth. January 6, 2015  C.B.

In addition to my Professional Coaching Certification, I have a Masters in Applied Theology and am certified in Core Communication which includes a model for conflict resolution. Many of my hours are also spent volunteering for causes and projects that relate to my core values. Many more are spent with my wonderful family, cooking, gardening and throwing pots on the wheel. My website contains images of nature where I spend my spare time. Some are from my own garden.